1. What types of payment do we accept?

    All vehicles accept credit cards (MasterCard and Visa are gladly accepted, unfortunately American Express is not).

  2. Do we charge for pickup services?

    We do charge a small one time pickup fee charge for ELH and RSD airports, GHB does not include pickup fee charge.

  3. How often do we service our vehicles?

    Every 2 months we do routine services on each vehicle, including oil change, transmission oil change, all of the filters will be changed as well. Tire pressures are checked before and after each rental, and change tires when needed to ensure proper tire functions. Brake pads are changed regularly as well.

  4. How will we find you once we arrive to Eleuthera?

    Please keep an ear out for your name being called, or if you would like to just ask for us.

  5. What does the vehicle insurance cover?

    The Insurance is called Third Party Motor Insurance.

    The policy covers your legal liability to Third Parties i.e., bodily injury or death and property damage to Third Party in the event the driver is at fault in an accident.

  6. Returning gas in vehicle?

    We try to pride ourselves in giving you enough gas to make it to your rental cottage/hotel/rental home. We have respect for our customers so we try to give you about 1/2 of a tank, on occasions it maybe 1/4 of a tank, just please return the vehicle to the airport you are departing from with the amount you were given. If it is less you will be charged $8/gal.

  7. How old must you be to rent a vehicle?

    You must be 25 years or older, and carry and present a valid drivers license.

  8. Will the vehicle insurance cover minor, moderate or major scratches and dents?

    No. The policy does NOT cover any damages made to the rental vehicle, such as.. scratches, dents, slashed tires, broken mirrors/sun visors.

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Special Announcements

  1. What accessories do you rent?

    Carseat/Booster Seat Rentals


    $10/day, or $8/day after 10 days of rental.

    Be sure to ask for a carseat upon reservation if you'll be needing a carseat/booster seat on your vacation!

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